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Key Opportunities Transportation

Daily routes throughout Hillsdale County to bring People to employment and training. Services also include transportation for employment and for non-emergent medical.

Key Opportunities can assist individuals with work and work related transportation needs that are outside of normal hours and locations of Key Opportunities regular demand routes. This service may operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This transportation assists individuals who do not have access to their own transportation and/or find it to be a more cost effective transit option. Persons referred by other human service agencies as low income or disabled will have the highest priority for service. It is assumed that most individuals utilizing this service will be low income however, this service is available to all who may want/need the transportation service. Emphasis is placed on night, week-end and rural area transportation needs. When services are within the Dial-A- Ride system criteria (times, day, and locations) individuals will be referred to them to provide rides, medical appointments and related services.

Key Opportunities Inc. also provides daily service across the entire Hillsdale County area. Pre-planned routes are established with modifications made as people add into the service or drop from it. Routes generally start at around 6-6:30 am and cover various sections of the county and ending at 8:30-9:00 am. Other rides are sometimes available during the day. Afternoon routes run from about 2:30-5:00 pm daily. Additional services are available on a case by case basis.

Additional service may be available outside of our normal planned routes; in both times and locations. This service provides individuals transportation to medical and counseling appointments as well as mandated classes. This service runs in and out of the county with permission from neighboring transits.

These rides will be provided when the rides cannot be accommodated by Dial-A- Ride, based on times and/or locations.


Key Opportunities, Inc. is committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of its transit services on the basis of race, color or national origin, as protected by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Circular 4701.1B. For additional information on Title VI or to file a complaint, contact:

Julie Boyce
400 N. Hillsdale St.
Hillsdale, MI 49242
(517)437-4469 or jboyce@keyopportunities.org

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