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Key Opportunities at work

Admission Criteria

Admission for services of Key Opportunities, Inc. is initiated through the authorization of a sponsoring agency such as:
  • Michigan Rehabilitation Services
  • Community Mental Health Agency (Lifeways)
  • Hillsdale County Schools/ISD
  • Private Insurance Carriers
  • South Central Michigan Works!
  • County Employers

Participants must possess necessary self-help skills for independence in a vocational setting or have a personal assistant.

Participants must be able to move from place to place (physically or mechanically).

Participants must want to attend Key and be able to benefit from training.

Participants must meet the service criteria of one or more of the sponsoring agencies, be self-funded, and/or achieve established production levels.

Work Training Services

Facility Based Employment & Work Training Experience
Provides individuals with vocational barriers and/or severe disabilities with remunerative work in an atmosphere conducive to developing good work skills and behaviors and provide earnings and increasing independence to his or her maximum potential.

Skill Building Services
As part of a Person Centered Plan, Skill Building is a program for those that need assistance to increase their economic self-sufficiency and/or engage in meaningful activities such as work. The service provides knowledge and specialized skill development and support.

Vocational Evaluations & Work Adjustment
Vocational Evaluations are conducted to discover a workers interests, needs, accommodations, and ability to function in the work place. Psychometric testing, community and facility based work sites are used to evaluate a workers’ ability.
Work adjustment allows students and adults the opportunity to develop good employability skills through work experience.

Work Hardening
This program is offered to local businesses and others who have workers that need to gradually increase their work stamina after an injury. The goal is to return workers as close to their pre-injury ability as possible.

Preparing for the Workforce. This program assists individuals with vocational exploration; resume development; application and interview preparation. Individuals will also learn job search techniques and receive support from Key Staff with their job search.

Youth Work Training Services

Key Opportunities at work

Admission Criteria
All work programs are available to students with an IEP in all Hillsdale County Schools.

Enrollment is dependent on approval from:
  • Students parent(s) or guardian(s)
  • School Teacher and Administration
  • Hillsdale County ISD’s Transition Counselor
  • Michigan Rehabilitation Services
  • Key Opportunities, Inc.

JET – Job Experience and Training
The JET program provides students with vocational exploration, assessment, and training experience in a retail environment. Students will receive support in developing employment skills and attitudes necessary for competitive employment. Our current retail site for the JET program is the Hillsdale Market House.

CWE – Community Work Experience
The CWE program gives students the opportunity to work at a community business that matches their vocational interests. Students work closely with the sites staff and receive minimum wage for their hours of training. Some community experiences have included: Retail, food service, health care, automotive, janitorial, grounds keeping, etc.

Job Readiness
This work training program is based at Key Opportunities; Inc. Students receive hands-on industrial exposure and assessment of work habits and behaviors. This program also provides vocational testing and evaluates skills, abilities, and explores vocational interests.


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